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Reducing leaf area limits yield in locations like the UK, where lack of sunlight is the primary restriction; you can sometimes remove leaves during ripening, but it harms yield and quality to do it before. It’s also why it is a myth that fast-growing plants produce more biomass (e.g. conifer plantations versus coppicing). Yes, in the sense that there are plenty of places you can store radioactive waste and contaminated materials in the short term. Any reasonably dry deep mine that can be guarded from malefactors and water seepage would work well in the short term, giving us plenty of time to develop a safer and more permanent solution. Like finding ways to reuse the radioactives, for instance.

  • My good news for the week is that I finally finished what I was hoping would stay a short story, but wound up a novelette – I have way too much ground to cover for a short.
  • At least with wheat or rice if you lose a crop you’ve lost one growing season.
  • What I pick up from the general discourse is that his later works mostly consist of intellectual frotage of some kind, with a pretty insalubrious choice of partners, and I’ve avoided them where I can.
  • A Pinkhouse is a new type of indoor farm that grows crops using pink-colored light.
  • It’s the long-time, never-stopped, clear history of utterly outrageous lies.

When I was about 5 or 6 the entrance to the play area at school was at one corner of the building while the entrance to the building itself was at the diagonally opposite corner. I happened to enjoy going around that side rather than this side of the building when coming back in after lunch break. The teacher told https://limefx.name/ me not to, but could not provide any reason for this instruction other than conformity to an arbitrary rule purely for the sake of it to the benefit of nobody, so I carried on doing it. The problem is when someone says, “people suffer from Tragedy of the Commons, therefore…” And that’s simply fallacious.

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Most vehicles,for decades now, have been front wheel drive. I think the last rear-wheel drive I had was either the ’86 Tercel; the ’93 Plymouth Grand Voyager had front wheel drive. I grew limefx courses scam up in Philly, learned to drive in my 20’s, went on to live in Allentown, PA, TX, then Chicago. Drove delivery vans from Allentown to Reading in Jan, and occasionally needed chains.

  • And even knew some of her family history from before when they were born.
  • Of course, the comparison depends strongly on which specific 2 species you’re comparing.
  • This is where carbon taxation can be both a blessing and a curse.
  • Ninety-nine percent of the time the Speaker’s role is ceremonial with a touch of headmastering an unruly and fractious Third Form.

I think you have to remember that, until quite recently (ending… um…) groups like the CIA sponsored fascist dictatorships, because they understood how to work with them. This dates back to the opening days of the Cold War, when the CIA harbored and aided formerly fascist groups in the fight against Soviet expansion into Eastern Europe, for all the good it did. The Marshall Plan was predicated on containing the Soviets, part of a tripartite strategy also involving the threat of nuclear war and action by the CIA. This is where carbon taxation can be both a blessing and a curse. One part is that it sends a signal about the real price of something.

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I don’t do Utube, and David Miller hasn’t published that yet, but from what I can see there’s nothing surprising. Yes, we all knew that the UK and NATO have been sponsoring anti-Russian propaganda. It’s the main reason I regard these claims of Russian interference in Brexit, Trump’s election etc. as being no more than routine cold warfare. After some careful consideration I’ve decided that I like reading your posts. They give me something to think about, and are a worthwhile counter to what Russia is doing elsewhere. Anyway, if I want to compare poverty and development, I’d like to use HDI, which, at least, is monitored by UN and is at least running for considerable time rather than being pulled out of some nebulous arse of “economic experts”.

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The specific interpretation is far from unusual, and in terms of a simple and practical analysis of outcome, certainly correct. Churchill believed there were earlier opportunities for military success, but those were arguably at least in part based on his own prejudice about limefx website what the Germans were capable of achieving. Chamberlain believed the Germans would have wiped the map with Britain and France in early 1938 if they tried. He’s even quoted as saying “Hitler missed the bus”. It goes against everything I’ve heard/read about him at the time.

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The ActiverBrokerz trading platform is one exchange company that claims to offer traders outstanding services that can help them generate income while trading on the platform. We shall be reviewing ActiveBrokerz.com to find out if this broker is legit or a scam. We shall also highlight some of the features that you may find when using the ActiveBrokerz trading platform as your trading channel to invest in the financial market. limefx offers to its traders a popular trading platform called MT4.

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Both because the uranium ore wasn’t pure uranium oxide, and because like every other early industrial process they were slowly discovering a whole new world of toxicity and pollution. It’s hard to tease out the radioactives problem as distinct from the “smelting heavy metals” problem, but that doesn’t mean there are no problems with smelting that particular heavy metal. It is irrelevant whether they buy in or save seed, if you consider the whole cycle. In terms of productivity, there is little to choose but, in terms of reliability, permaculture is significantly better. And I am not talking about the aberrant supermarket-dominated production, but what can be done when it is done competently – and to a great extent is, over much of Europe. Someone realised if they removed the embankment up to the bridge they could move the station, get rid of the bridge, gain a larger car park and flog the old site for housing to pay for everything.

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In contrast uranium was a scientific oddity with no commercial use other than as a ceramic glaze. Radium extraction was carried out using pitchblende as the orebody, in part because it was easy to identify as a raw mineral. It’s mostly uranium oxide and it’s likely the uranium residues would also have been dumped locally too but the quantities would have been much less than the tin refining residues and uranium is a lot less harmful than arsenic, of course.

  • What you’re supposed to do is drop into neutral, decelerate using the brakes, select the gear appropriate to the upcoming bend, get the revs matched and the clutch back in just as you arrive at the bend, and go round it under drive.
  • I don’t remember much problems with the Jesus, err, Jesuses, err, Jesi, err, whatever in the show, and I guess the Mexican Jesus would have this demographic foaming at the mouth, though I guess some Christians I know might find this scene somewhat fitting.
  • That’s despite a yield orders of magnitude higher.
  • It was said it lead to something of a twitter flame war, though that’s hardly a distinction.

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